vanswe-recumbent-bikeGreat recumbent bike for seniors is the Vanswe recumbent bike. Today’s article will review the features, tell a little about Vanswe. In the review we will note the good and the bad. See if Vanswe recumbent bike a great bike for seniors. Why recumbent bike work well for seniors. Recommendations for Vanswe recumbent bike. Include some related articles.

Vanswe Fitness

Vanswe fitness is a provider of superior quality fitness equipment. Designed for bodybuilding, health and fitness, Their intent is to provide customers with sports bodybuilding and health and fitness equipment that can improve their fitness and health. Vanswe’s customers come from USA, Japan, Germany. And United Kingdom.

Features of Vanswe Recumbent Bikedual-belt-assembly

Hand Pulse Sensors

Transportation Wheels

Double Belt

Needle Roller Bearing

Wide LCD Display

16 Levels Magnetic Tension Resistance

Infinite Slider Seat

New Designed Pedals

In the next section these features will be covered in depth.

In Depth Features of Bike needle-size-bearings

Hand pulse sensors are built in to seat handles. Giving heart rate pulses to LCD display. Both hand have to be on sensors in order to have pulse rate transferred.

Transportation wheels have been built into the front frame of the bike for ease of movement of the recumbent bike to be placed where ever you wish it to be, And for ease of returning to your choice of placement of equipment when not in use,

Double belt system on fly wheel assembly is unique and provide you with a much more smooth and comfortable workout than those recumbent bike with only one belt assembly.

Needle Roller Bearing is used by Vanswe in their resistance system to provide again you a much more quiet and smooth ride.

Wide LCD display also features large letters for easy visibility of the metrics provided during your workout. Built in computer provides you as the user the speed, time, odometer, distance, RPM and calories burned. Monitor also features Bluetooth Smart Technology which is compatible with iOS and Android systems. Free Fitness Data app is available to help you track your workouts. The tablet support is conveniently located for watching your favorite movies, or favorite on-line celebrity. If you are really into, getting into shape you could if you so desire watch a training video while you workout.

16 levels of magnetic resistance provide for workouts that are geared for a beginner to a pro. The resistance levels are easily adjusted by moving the hand dial up or down depending on what level of resistance you are looking to work out at, you can easily adjust as needed. Magnetic resistance uses a weighted fly wheel system for durability and again to provide you a smooth ride no matter which resistance level you choose.

Infinite slider seat adjustments lets you set up the distance you need to be for best ride whether you are 5’2″ or 6’2″ tall this guide is there with the handle just below your seat handlebars for quick access without having to dismount your bike. Seat is padded saddle style as well as the backrest portion of the seat padded.

Pedals are of new design with knobby foot bottom and adjustable straps that let you have a stable nonslip workout whether you are in going for that strong cardio workout or the slower rotation workout.

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The Good and The Badseat-assembly-slider

The Good

Bluetooth Technology Available

16 levels of resistance

Dual belt assembly

Ease of Mounting Bike

Easy to read Display

380 lb Capacity

The Bad

Backrest on seat not vented

No water holder

Customer Comments

Reviewd customer comments on what they think of the Vanswe recumbent bike. I have paraphrased the comments from two retailers.

Retailer One: First customer……”.decent beginners bike for average -sized people. Lightweight easy to move, small footprint, …battery operated monitor I prefer….” Second customer…..” Extremely happy!!!!!!!!! Highly Recommended!!!!!!!…looks and works perfectly….” Third customer……” Worth every penny….. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this relatively inexpensive recumbent bike. Assembly was straight forward and I put it together myself in just about 90 minutes. ….it is not bulky and fits my space nicely….this little piece of equipment has exceeded all of my expectations….. I recommend this bike …” Fourth customer…..” I was worried about the quality and sturdiness of this machine due to the low cost. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised….I use it every day and not even a squeak……I would recommend this product,

Retailer Two: First customer……” I love this bike. I ride my regular bike in good weather but now that it’s getting cold I needed something for indoors, so my husband gave me this bike for my birthday. I ride on it about an hour a day and get a better workout than on my regular bike. It’s so convenient, I know I can ride irt every day, since I don’t need to worry about the weather, it’s comfort, and doesn’t take up a lot of space…” Second customer……”… Highly recommend this bike and any product from this seller…. Thank you so much….”

Warranty and Specificationsmonitor-lcd-display



3 months for pad…10 years for frame


Weight Capacity…. 380 lbs

Foot print:

45″ Length x 20″ Wide x 40″ Height.


Why Vanswe Recumbent Bike for Seniors?

As a recumbent bike user who is also a senior {any one over 60} can testify that the recumbent bike I believe to be the best piece of exercise equipment available for consistent healthy exercise. I have been using a recumbent bike for a number of years and now at the young age of 69 I still am able to workout comfortably for four or five days a week working out anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour if I so choose. When I started my weight and health did not allow me to do ordinary exercise such as running, walking {was in a wheelchair} or treadmills or even upright bikes. When I was going to therapy my PT had used their recumbent bike as part of my therapy. I soon purchased my Schwinn 230 and have never regretted since. So all you seniors this is a very good bike very reasonably priced and I know from experience recumbent bikes do more than give you a comfortable workout.

This bike can be used by anyone of any age fit, in therapy, in recovery, or just wanting a recumbent bike. The Vanswe recumbent bike is built for beginner to pro and anyone in between.

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Recommendations for Vanswe Recumbent Bike

After reviewing the Vanswe Recumbent Bike I have no problem in my recommendation. The price is very good, product well-built and had great customer reviews. I give this recumbent bike a 4.8 rating out of a possible 5.0.

Looking Forward top Your Opinion????