One of the reasons a person starts to work out blood pressure is a factor in that decision. Either to help lower or concern that the exercise may create some blood pressure issues. We will look at the top rated blood pressure monitors for home and try to understand better the what and the how of blood pressure.blood- pressure-chart

What Is High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is when the pressure of the blood against the arteries is too high at the point of the heart beat or high at the time the heart is at rest between the beats. There is only one way to know if it is high is to have it measured. A great deal of things that go wrong with our bodies we get an indication that something is wrong. With high blood pressure there is no indication that it is either high or low so blood pressure should be monitored more often than our periodic visits to the Doctor office. All of us should have a monitor at home to measure our own blood pressure at more frequent times.

HBP hypertension is measured by the systolic or upper pressure and the diastolic or lower pressure measured. The normal range is to have the systolic measure less than 120 and the diastolic measure less than 80.

Top Rated Blood Pressure Monitors

Top five are as follows:”As an Amazon Associate I earn from Qualifying purchases.”

  1. Omron 10 Series
  2. Greater Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Kit
  3. iProven Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watch
  4. Panasonic EW3109W Portable
  5. LotFancy Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron 10 Series

This monitors in all the reviews seemed to be ranked in the top position. All reviews showed it to be highly recommend by Dr.’s and Pharmacists. Features includes 200 trac one / 200 tracking readings. Can be used with Smart phones for unlimited readings. Has cuff measures 9″ and up to 17″ without having to have a separate cuff for larger arms.

Has exclusive TruRead technology that takes three consecutive readings and calculates the average. With a back lit easy read screen. Also, has a patented Pre formed ComFit cuff which inflates around entire arm giving a more accurate reading.

Greater Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Kit

Allows up to four users track 120 readings for each one. Considered most cost effective and is deemed to be most user-friendly. Monitor has D=Ring cuff measures 8 3/4″ to 161/2″. The display monitor allows ease of display and ease of reading the results. There is a heart-shaped heart beat protection icon that notifies if an irregular heart beat is detected.

iProven Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watch

This monitor is a wrist type monitor which allows for more comfort ease of use and more compact to use while traveling or taking with you to the gym. It has storage capacity of up to 60 readings of memory. The monitor tracks four readings. Measures the systolic pressure, the diastolic pressure, heart beats per minute and the heart rhythm. It also displays all four using the AHA five color level benchmark. It has been FDA recommended for accuracy. Uses 4 double AA batteries and come with a 6V adapter.

Panasonic EW3109W Portablepanasonic-monitor

This monitor has digital filter technology that isolates essential pulse isolation. The upper arm cuff inflates comfortably with the touch of a button. Monitor display is a large digital LCD display. The numbers are large and easy to read as the screen is wider than the top rated blood pressure monitors for home use in this review. Upper arm cuff measures 7″ to 15″ and has no D Ring for ease of comfort when inflated.

LotFancy Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Monitor has ability to store 120 readings of four separate users. Giving each user 30 readings. Display screen measure 4″ vertically given more space to have a larger readout for viewing.

Measures in three color benchmark green for normal. Orange for high. Red indicates hypertension. Upper arm cuff measures 8.6″ and up to 14″. The display features a heart shaped icon that displays rhythm of heart for any irregularities.

Operates with 4 AA Batteries and 6V adapter not include in purchase. Package comes with 1 set of instructions, 1 standard D Ring cuff, and 1 blood pressure monitor.

When Should Blood Pressure be Monitored

Majority of people rarely have their blood pressure monitored until they have to go visit their family Dr. or have to go in for some type of emergency. With any exercise program it is recommended to get Dr. approval before starting. Especially id it is going to be any kind of strenuous routine. Most medical recommendations are that you measure the pressure at or near the same time of day having done in most cases the same type of activity before it is taken.

For me two or three times a week just before my workout on my recumbent bike. Check with your family Dr. to see what h or she recommends. Personally my blood pressure had been high for years so my Dr. wanted me start out slow and monitor more often. Like any habit once in place seems to stay in place. Happy to report my blood pressure past year or so has been in the normal range.

This list is by no means an exclusive list of blood pressure monitors available. There are plenty out there, I reviewed more than twenty to arrive with this list. I hope it’s been useful.