Recumbent bikes come in a wide variety of size style and design. P840 is one of those unique designs. You know right away with its vibrant pink coloring it is manufactured with women in mind.

p840-pink-recumbent-bike Sunny Health P840 Pink Magnetic Recumbent Bike-review

Features of Sunny Health P840 Recumbent Bike

Vibrant Pink Color

220lb Capacity

LCD Monitor

Adjustable Resistance

Pulse Rate Monitor

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In the next section you’ll get a more in depth look at these features of P840 Pink Recumbent Bike

In Depth Look at Featuresp840-pink-recumbent-features

> One of the best features of this recumbent bike is its hot pink color. Talk about a unique feature it is for the right person a real eye stopper. It really caught my eye.

> Sturdy enough structure and design to hold up to a 220 lb user. For it;s size that lets you know it is built well. Bike is 43″x 23″x 35.5″ and weighs 51 lbs. So besides being a looker it doesn’t take up a lot of your space. With built in travel wheels the 9840 is easy to move where you want it to be.

> Digital monitor is set in a hot pink casing to give it that complete “pink” look. Display is an LCD digital monitor that displays speed, distance, time, calories burned and heart rate. Has scanned capability so you can track what you want to see during your workout, Display screen is placed above front handlebars for ease of viewing.

> Switch up the intensity of your workout with the turn of a dial. Up to eight different resistant settings to have from beginner to pro intensity. All it takes is a twist of the dial and you change your whole workout.

> Heart rate monitors are built in to handle grips on seat assembly. Seat is saddle design padded for comfort and handle bar grips spaced for ideal comfort as you grip during your workout.

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Who is Sunny Health?

They are a premier distributor and importer of high quality health and fitness products. Have been in doing this for over a decade. Have lots of experience. Located in Los-Angeles California USA and Xiamen China. Over 100 employees worldwide.

Sunny carries a wide array of fitness and health equipment for home consumer or the elite pro. The fitness and health products come from top manufactures in Taiwan and China. As a premier distributor they carry everything from treadmills to exercise bikes and all types of other health and fitness products.

Number 1 Goal of the company is to satisfy the needs of every customer they distribute to so they in turn can maximize their efficiency and profitability.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

> Hot Color

> Small Footprint

> Eight Resistance Programs

The Bad

> Assembly not as easy as some bikes

> Monitor battery operated


Customers Comments on Sunny Health P840 Pink Recumbent Bike

Reviewed customer comments from three different retailers. Have paraphrased comments.

Retailer One: Customer one….” I love my Sunny…kids got it for me at Christmas, I ride it every day. Second customer….” Great…I love my bike it is comfortable.

Retailer Two: Customer one….” I am 72 year old female,both knees replaced….” Second customer….” This is the perfect home bike for small spaces….”

Retailer Three: Customer one….” My husband put together within thirty minutes. It’s a very pretty pink….” Second customer….” Awesome recumbent bike…”

Who is P840 For?

With the hot pink color it was designed with the female user in mind. You as a female can really have that unique bike and get in shape or stay in shape with style.


After this review I recommend it as it fits three very good things. One it is a recumbent style for comfort and less stress during workouts. Two it is unique with its hot pink color design. Fits a need of small footprint for those with small space for working out. I would rate the Sunny Health P840 Pink Recumbent Bike a 4.7 out of a possible 5.0.

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