In this article the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4880 recumbent bike review; we will look at the features of their recumbent bike. The good and the bad. The customer comments. A brief history of Sunny Health and Fitness. The warranty and specification. Who is this recumbent bike designed for.


Brief History of Sunny Health and Fitness

Sunny Health and Fitness is a privately held distributor of exercise fitness and health products with their headquarters located in Los Angeles California. They also have office in Xiamin. China. The exercise equipment is manufactured in China and Taiwan. Manufacturers were chosen for their quality and excellence in manufacturing standards. Over one hundred people are employed.

Features of the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4880 Recumbent




Digital Monitor

Pulse Grips

Wide Seat with Mesh Back

Patented Easy Seat Adjustment

Non-Slip Foot Pedals

Transportation Wheels

24 Levels of Resistance

12 Preset Workouts

In Depth Look at the Features of The SF-RB4880

> Digital Monitor has LCD display with backlit. It shows multiple metrics, distance, time, amount of calories burned, pulse, speed, RPM. The console has USB port to connect you to your smart phone or tablet to recharge its battery. The preset workouts are built into the monitor so you can easily control which program you wish to you wish to use. You can also connect your phone or tablet to the AUX port and listen to your favorite music or Pod cast .

> Pulse Grips monitor your heart rate. Lets you maintain your elevated heart rate. This tool is important to know that your elevated heart rate is being achieved for the period of time you want to achieve during your workout.

> Wide Seat with Mesh Back allows you to have that comfort ride you want with a recumbent bike. Has a wide saddle style seat and the backrest is designed with meshed design to allow the body heat to escape during the workout. Extra padding keeps the blood flow in the gluts preventing the lower limbs from falling to sleep. SF-RB4088 has been designed for ease of mounting and dismounting the seat and providing the rider a balanced ride.

> Patented Easy Seat Adjustment an exclusive feature found only on the Sunny Health and Fitness makes it very easy to adjust your seating position without having to dismount to do. The lever is positioned by your side. The backrest is attached to the seat as a result it moves along the steel rail with the rest of the seat as adjustments are made.

> Non-Slip Foot Pedals are made with a textured non-slip material which keeps foot where it should be no matter how vigorous you intend to make your workout. Adjustable strap also helps maintain footing and accommodating all sizes.

> Transportation Wheels are built into the frame of the bike making it easy to lift and guide the equipment to where you want it to rest. Makes it easy to place out of the way after workout if the exercise area is shared with other home activities.

> 24 Levels of Resistance are made available. From beginner low resistance or those have recovery workouts all the way to a pro style for cardiovascular weight losing workouts. It is a magnetic resistance system with belt drive having a stretch-resistance durable belt.

> 12 Preset Workouts will allow you to set the type of workout. You can cycle through beginner, advance and sporty modes to achieve the cardiovascular work out you want.

> Motorized Magnetic Resistance are featured using a self-powered, eddy current resistance system. The SF-RB4880 doesn’t use an external power source or batteries. Entire energy that is needed to activate the resistance, power up the console. The power is generated when you pedal. Even enough to charge your smart phone or tablet while working out. Don’t forget you will need to pedal away when first using to get enough power to light up and power your console. So plan several additional minutes that first workout.

> SmoothDrive System utilizes a crank set system with weighted pedals to provide you a very comfortable smooth and quiet ride.

BENEFITS OF USING A RECUMBENT BIKE is a good article covering why you may wish to get a recumbent bike.


In any gym the equipment is important and we use what is best for our particular needs and restrictions. That is the great thing about the recumbent bike it allows great workouts with a lot less stress on legs and back. Refer to my article Recumbent Bike Good Cardio.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

> Sturdy Steel Frame Construction.

> Digital LCD Monitor display with backlit.

> 24 Levels of Resistance.

> Body Fat Calculator

> USB port

> Seat Handlebars with Built in Pulse Sensors

> 300 lb Capacity

The Bad

> Being self powered having to pedal to get console powered up.

> When tablet is used covers the view of the console.

> No bottle holder.

Warranty and Specifications

Warranty is Three Years on structure frame. 180 Days in all other parts and components.

Specifications the foot print is 66″ Long x 26″ Wide x 44.5″ Height

Weight capacity is set at 300 lbs.

The unit weighs 112 lbs assembled.

Customer Comments customer-picture

Researched comments from different retailers and have paraphrased their comments in no particular order.

Retailer One: First customer…”quiet and comfort. I love this exercise bike..its ease of use….” Second customer….not cheap or easily assembled but well worth it….” Third customer…. The Worst bike ever, extremely noisy with a lot of clicking.”

Found only one retailer with customer comments. as a result listed above all the customer comments found from one retailer.

Who is This Bike Designed For?

Recumbent bikes have been designed for comfort and to have less stress for those with leg or back injuries or experience pain of sorts. The reclined design allows the legs to be extended out from the body versus the traditional style upright bike puts direct pressure on the legs as well as the spine not being in its normal position as is allowed with the recumbent bike.

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4880 Recumbent Bike can be used by anyone wishes to have a piece of exercise equipment to lose weight or to stay in shape. Those looking for a good way to get the cardio exercise they want. With the resistance of this unit having 24 resistance levels the beginner to the pro can find the resistance level they need.


The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4880 Recumbent Bike is one of the better designed and built bikes i have reviewed. I highly recommend this bike for anyone looking for a piece of exercise equipment to meet your long term workout needs whether for recovery purposes or for cardiovascular workouts to help lose weight. Rating a 4.6 out of possible 5.0 only because of not enough customer comments to evaluate with more accuracy.      “As an Amazon Associate I earn from Qualifying purchases.”

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