This review will be based on Manufactures information and my own personal experience as an owner of this model and have been using in my exercise program for past four years.

SCHWINN MODEL 230 KEY FEATURESschwinn-model-230

  • DualTrack LCD CONSOLE


This model features a ventilated and contoured seat. From hours and hours of time spent on mine it is very comfortable no saddle sores here.

Seat has a rail slide system that allows your adjustments to fit your comfort for legs and back. This Model 230 is ergonomically designed with positioned padded handlebars. The console is streamlined.

From my own experience the body is in such a more natural position of the spine that it was very easy to adjust my time exercising.

DUALTRACK LCD CONSOLEschwinn-230-console

The console screen is a DualTrack 2 lcd screen, making it very easy to read. Has MP3 connectivity and a charging USB port. There is a media shelf, which accommodates my IPhone very nicely. They also equipped it with a three speed fan which I find to be a great feature especially when I’m in a high impact workout.


Comes with 20 levels of computer controlled resistance offering a wide range of workouts. This for me was awesome as I started out with less resistance and the walked up the resistance scale as my body was physically able to handle.

There are -9 profile – 8 heart rate control-4 beginners, 1 advanced-2 customer user profiles- [so for a couple you can track both his and hers]-2 fitness[1 beginner,1 advanced]-one quick start and additional features.


As of this writing the pricing is around $400.00

  1. Walmart lists at $449.00
  2. Schwinn lists at $449.00
  3. Amazon lists at $429.99

These prices are at the time of this writing:10/28/2019.


Has a large metal flywheel attached to the pedals. The Model 230 is designed with a sturdy frame which provide for a very stable piece of exercise equipment. The bike is advertised as a maximum 300 lbs. I weighed 369 lbs when I first bought mine. The person that recommended this model for me weighed 410 Lbs and he and I had no problems with the bike handling those additional lbs. I’m sure Schwinn like any manufacturing is going to have the max weight listed as less than it can actually handle for legal reasons. [That is my opinion not that of anyone else].


There is a water bottle holder that is provided that attaches to the bike and the nice feature is it can be placed on either side for those who are right-handed or those who are left-handed. The warranty is : frame 10 years- parts 2 years- electronics-1 year -labor 90 days.

I have had my recumbent bike Schwinn model 230 for over four years and have had no issues with any features of the bike. I personally would recommend this bike to anyone. It has served me well with my in home exercise. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from Qualifying purchases.”

I hope this has been informative

ENJOY your exercise journeytim-schwinn-230