There are always good reasons for the type of workout or exercise equipment you choose. One way to decide is to do a comparison or a list of why one piece of equipment is better than another, For years people have been using bicycles as a great way to get exercise and or cardio type workouts. I want to do a comparison on two types of equipment that are both indoor types of bicycles. We are going to explore recumbent bike vs stationary bike.exercise-bikes


One advantage of the upright bike is that when it’s placed in a room it takes up considerable less real estate. It can be placed in a lot of places, especially in a home where it won’t be so noticeable. The upright bicycle also give the same workout as an outdoor bicycle would.

  1. Gives more resistance.
  2. Uses more of the abdominal muscles
  3. Will use shoulder muscles
  4. Will use both triceps and bicep muscles
  5. Its easier to work up a sweat


One of the biggest advantage is it easier on the lower back and is more comfortable. This allows a person with back or balance issues a much better and safer choice.

  1. Your gluteus maximus muscles get more of a workout
  2. Less stress on people with neck pain
  3. People with knee issues less pain
  4. Support for back
  5. Reclined position encourages better spine position
  6. Can’t stand while operating making it more safe
  7. Better workout for hamstring

office-chairMany people prefer the recumbent bike for the comfort it allows them to have while they are getting exercise they know they need. The seat on the recumbent bike is more like an office chair it is much bigger than the upright bike as well as having a back support to itbicycle-seat



I choose the recumbent bicycle over the upright bicycle because of the ongoing health issues I was having. I owned an upright bike I originally was using but I found that because of my weight it became very uncomfortable. As a result I could never stay working out long enough during a workout to actually do anything for me but make me frustrated. I also found that my knees could not handle the stress this bike created for me. I found myself just not working out consistently.

Finally, I made the decision to purchase the recumbent bike it was a must do. What a difference it made for me. I was able to be comfortable enough to workout long enough to actually start losing weight. I was blessed to have a lot of encouragement from family and friends.


The upright bicycle should be your choice. The upright bike because you have to be over the handle bars to ride it. This makes you utilize more of your upper body than with the recumbent bike. The triceps and biceps get a workout as well as the shoulder muscles. The abdomen as well is used much more with the upright bike than the recumbent bike.


The best choice, to not have as much discomfort or pain during the workout would be the recumbent bike. It is designed for that reason. The seating is designed to place you in a reclined position that creates the spine to be in a better posture position than does the upright bike. The seat also allows the user to adjust to get the right tension or stress on the knees. Should the pain be too much in the front it means the seat is set where there is too much bend in the knee. When pain is in the back of the knee than it means you have to little bend in the knee. So by adjusting the seat you are able to minimize the knee pain. The size of the seat on each bike is also a huge difference. The upright bike has a small seat that can cause the rider to end up with saddle sores. A recumbent bike the seat is like that of an office chair. It gives a much greater area for you to sit on and also provides a back support.



Both bike the desired cardio workout wanted can be achieved. Each allow the rider to adjust the resistance of the ride to allow for a harder workout. Each of the bikes have models that come with a console to allow you to check your progress in number of miles and both have models where the heart rate can be monitored. The nice thing about the recumbent bike is that because of the difference in comfort the workouts can be much easier to obtain a longer workout.workout-gym



Each style of bike recumbent vs the upright have the ability to burn sufficient calories based on your goal. Each come with models that have consoles that will display the amount of calories each particular workout has burned. And with the resistance adjustments the calories burned can be increased with any workout. If your workout is going to be for thirty minutes the resistance level and the speed you work out at can give you the calories you want to burn. Or you may find that it takes an hour to burn the calories you are looking for. I fond that each workout the time and distance always vary to the amount of calories I’m trying to burn. That is another reason I prefer the recumbent bike over the upright bike.It is much easier to workout for a longer time if necessary yo achieve that calorie burning goal.



In all we do it always comes down to what you choose. No one can choose for you. It has to be up to you.You know your particular situation better than anyone. I just hope this gave you some information that can make your choice the right one for you. Just remember t physical condition you are trying to achieve won’t happen in a day either. the old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and your goals for your weight loss or physical condition you are trying to achieve won’t either. I look forward to your comments below.

ENJOY the journey ……….. TIM….