The recumbent bike is an ideal vehicle for the purpose of getting good exercise. There are a few reasons why this is true. With the research and personal experience using one this topic will be discussed and hopefully give you incite you are looking for.exercise-equipment


Most therapists like the choice of a recumbent bike because it allows their clients to get good exercise, especially heart patients that need improved cardio but not as much stress. The recumbent bike is good exercise equipment in the areas of people of various age groups, fitness level, and also for safety, Recumbent bikes are less stressful on the upper body and as a result are ideal for beginners and as earlier stated heart patients. The person can chose the resistance level that is most comfortable for them. Therapist can set the resistance level on their choice and can increase as the client is able to handle a higher resistance level. Patients or clients that have back or shoulder restrictions the recumbent bike is an ideal starting point for them. They are able to get a good exercise for cardio as well as weight loss without the tension on shoulders or back because the recumbent bike has a good back support and the handle bars don’t have to be used, which can cause the wrong angle on the shoulders as is the case with an upright stationary bike.


Most recumbent bikes can help a person loss up to 900 calories in a one-hour workout. The person setting his exercise goals can determine the amount of calories they wish to lose depending on the resistance level and the length of time he or she wishes to spend on each workout. For some people one-hour of continuous working out might be too much. The nice thing about the recumbent bike is he or she can decide what is best for them. A thirty-minute workout at a middle to upper resistance level can produce 400 to 600 calories depending on how fast and which resistant level is chosen. That for me was really critical, in weight loss journey, as I was able to set the pace lower at first and the increasing as I wished without getting overwhelmed or discouraged. It is important to know that you efforts are producing results even though you may not see them right away looking into a mirror or stepping on a scale.



The recumbent bike is good not only for cardio exercise or exercise in general it is also great for improving one’s health. When I first started my journey of weight loss and better health I had diabetes. My AIC numbers ranged from 7.1 to 7.9. Today because of my use of a recumbent bike and better health choices my A-1-C averages between 5.1 to 5.4 the last two years. To say the least my Dr. is well pleased with these results. My Dr, was able, in my particular case, to lower my diabetic medication. It has been shown through case studies that the use of a recumbent bike helps reduce not only diabetes, but high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, cardio vascular and lung capacity. It has also been shown to help with deep vein thrombosis. Recumbent bike are good exercise equipment to use. Like anything else, it is only as good as the individual using it. You have to do the work.


The most obvious is that the leg muscles get used. It is shown that the thigh muscles get used. The calve muscles get used extensively. The hip area, which is good from the stand point that this the region of the body that has some of the hardest fat content to remove. Gluteus maximus muscles which are the most superficial muscle of the hip.the abdomen and the and back muscles get used.

The back of the calves get worked every time you point you toes as you peddle around and the front of the calve, the shin area gets worked ever time you toes are pulled back to you body. The quadriceps, the large group of muscles in the front of you thighs get worked each time you press the pedal of the bike. Hamstrings which are the muscle group on the back of you thighs get worked ever time you flex you knees. Recumbent bikes are good exercise equipment.


The display console on the recumbent bike is another good reason the recumbent bike is good for exercise. By having the display console directly in front of you it makes it very easy to monitor you progress during you workout. Most recumbent bikes console will show you the time you have been exercising. The monitor will tell you the distance you have traveled if you were moving. It also will display the amount of calories you are burning based on you resistance and speed of you workout. Some models will also display you heart rate as well as show you how much of you goal you have achieved. The really nice thing about this is that if you are only interested in the amount of calories you have burned. For me that was my most important factor, And the amount of calories burned is different for every workout. Some workouts going for thirty minutes I would burn 250 calories and others only 200. This became a very valuable thing for me as I wanted to burn at a minimum 200 calories each workout .Calorie Guide


The past four years for me have been a real journey in my overall health and my loss of weight. I didn’t put all my weight on overnight and I knew it was not going to come off overnight. I do know this I am so glad that my therapist recommended a recumbent bike and I listened. My journey would not have been as successful had I not made that choice. The reasons listed are very valid and good reasons. My Schwinn model 230 and I have become great partners over the past few years. If you try to decide if a recumbent bike would be a good choice for you. I hope that what is written will help you in you decision. I do wish you great success in what ever choice of equipment you decide on and remember this no equipment is magic. It takes you commitment and desire to reach the goals you set. Just never stop. Over the past four years I have had ups and downs but one thing I did do was I never stopped trying and I hope you will do the same.

ENJOY …THE JOURNEY…it is worth it!!!!!