Are recumbent bikes good cardio workout exercise equipment? That is a question that gets asked a lot. The first thing we have to understand is what constitutes a cardio workout? Let us determine if recumbent bikes are a good means to achieve a cardio workout. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from Qualifying purchases.”exercise-bikes


In the world of exercise and health this word gets thrown around quite frequently and a lot of people think it means your have to be an exercise fanatic working out with high intensity workouts for 30 to 40 minutes five or even six days a week to get good cardio.

Google defines cardio- as a noun cardiovascular exercise. Derived from the Greek word kardia {heart}. Vasculkar is described as : vascular -anatomy….relating to,affecting or consisting of a vessel or vessels, especially those which carry blood “vascular disease”… derived from the Latin word vasculum. Aerobic is defined as :[biology] an adjective…relating to, involving,or requiring free oxygen. “simple aerobic bacteria” ….relating to or denoting exercise that improves or is intended to improve the efficiency of the body’s cardiovascular system in absorbing and transporting oxygen. Derived from…Greek ..bios[life] and English..ic.

There now we know what aerobic cardiovascular means. Basically your want to raise the heart to pump blood are a greater speed than normal and have the blood vessels to transfer free oxygen at a higher rate than normal.

Aerobic cardiovascular exercise will increase and help your with stamina and endurance. Very important to maintaining good health.


  5. SQUATS [with or without weights]

Not in any particular order or an all-inclusive list just some more popular or most highly recommended.

Let me ask this question. Do any of these seem to your to take legs and back that can handle a constant strain on them? It seems to me except for swimming the answer would be yes. Recumbent bikes are good for cardio and were designed to give individuals with bad knees or back a way to achieve exercise including a good cardio workout


The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense cardio workout at least five days a week. With 25 minutes of vigorous exercise three days a week, with the other two a week consist of moderate exercise.

Mayo Clinic says if your want to measure what your cardiovascular condition is, is to climb a flight of stairs and if your out of breath it is not good. If your climb a flight of stairs and your get to the top and your not out of breath it is good. I like that way of measuring because we can all understand it, without having a Harvard degree or require a computer to figure it out.

Another way to figure it is to while exercising stop, take your pulse, by when first beat your start at zero …then count how many beats your have in fifteen seconds. Let’s say that number is twenty. You take that number multiply it by four and that gives your your heart rate per minute. In this case it happens to be 80. For myself at the age of 69 it is recommended that if I am of average fitness it should be between 75-105 if I am in superior shape it should be 105-128. That’s why I like the Mayo Clinic’s way better.


Recumbent bikes are good for obtaining a good cardiovascular exercise workout. The cycling that is performed works. In a cardio workout your want the heart rate to be increased and the blood flow to increase. The most efficient way to accomplish that is to work muscles groups. The recumbent bike utilizes two out of the three largest groups of muscles groups in the human body. The exercise of riding a recumbent bike requires the Gludeus Maximus and the Quadriceps muscles groups to be engaged. Other largest group of muscles is used but not as intensely and that group is the Latissimus Dorsi or lower back muscles.

By engaging those two muscle groups your will achieve the heart rate to increase and provide your with a good cardio workout. Remember the definition above…

I know from my own personal use that my cardiovascular health has been greatly improved. My blood pressure is at the best levels it has been in years. Both myself and my family Doctor are well pleased with these results.


I personally recommend the recumbent bike, especially if, like me your are heavy or your have bad knees or lower back. You can lose weight and also obtain a good cardio workout. I found that my heart rate was best when I did my workout with a combined low impact and high impact during the workout. Generally I would increase my rate of cycling one minute then do it again after five minutes of lower impact cycling.

Other thing I recommend is that your warm up or start your cycling out at a low resistance than increasing the resistance to the level your desire for your main workout. Warming up conventional ways was not easy for me so I choose the low resistance for a few minutes to warm the muscles up.

I then recommend especially if your whole goal is to have a good cardio workout to spend a minimum of thirty minutes of workout for your main one.

I always recommended that at the end of your workout plan five to ten minutes for a cool down period.cooling-down

The nice thing that I found is that your can adjust for your own goals and what it is your want to achieve. You can easily adjust your seat. You can adjust the depth of your seat to allow for less knee bend. You can adjust your resistance. You can have high or low impact workouts. You can achieve all your goals and your don’t even have to get of the recumbent bike to make those adjustments.

I hope this has been helpful and informative.


The recumbent bike is a great form of exercise.