This article will review Pleny 3-in-1 exercise bike, Pleny 3 in 1 Total Body Exercise bike review will take a look at who is Pleny? A brief history. We will look at the features, offer an in depth look at the features, the good and the bad. Warranty and specifications. Check related articles. Review comments from customers that have purchased and used. Take a look at who this bike would be best for. Lastly will make a recommendation.

Who Is Pleny? pleny-logo

HongKong PLENY Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a privately owned design.manufacturer and seller Internationally of a wide variety of fitness and health equipment.

Brief History of Pleny

Pleny is the brand name of the exercise equipment designed and manufactured by HongKongPleny Intelligent Technology Co, that was established in 2015. They have a manufacturing plant that is located in XiaMen,China. Manufacturing facility has over 500 employees and the products are sold throughout the World. They produce the best fitness equipment in China.

Features of Pleny 3 in 1 Total Body Exercise Bike.

This piece of exercise equipment serves as a recumbent bike, an upright exercise bike, or semi-recumbent and comes with arm resistance bands to build upper body strength as well.

Arch Frame Design

Hand Pulse Handle with Monitor

16 Level Magnetic Resistance

Arm Resistance Bands

Leg Resistance Bands

Comfortable Seat with Backrest

3 IN 1 Frame

Curved Crank with Pedal

Anti-Slip Pedal

Transportation Wheels

pleny-3-in-1-total-body-exercise-bike3-in-1-pleny-bike 3-in-1-pleny-exercise-bikethree-styles-picture-pleny-3-in-1-total-body-exercise-bike

In the next section we will take an in depth look at the features of the Pleny 3 in 1 Total Body Exercise Bike. Buy now at Amazon. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from Qualifying purchases.”

In Depth Look at The Features of This Bike

Arch frame design allows the unit to configure into three specific designs, One full recumbent bike, two semi-recumbent bikes and three a full upright stationary bike.

Hand pulse sensors are built into the handles of handle bars, both hands must be on sensors in order for pulse to register in monitor. So when using the resistant bands or one hand off handles it will not register.

Monitor has a backlit so it is easy to see the metrics. All metrics appears on screen so you don’t have to reach for a button or switch dial to see what you are looking for. The monitor shows you distance, speed, time, pulse and calories burned all in one screen.

16 Levels of Resistance are controlled by a dial which is set at those numbers for an accurate position to get the resistance you are looking for.

Arm resistance bands come attached and can be used while you pedal to build arms and  chest muscles at the same time or used to stretch the upper body muscles.

Leg resistance bands can be used to strengthen calf. Thigh and gluts also come with bike. These are utilized while off the bikes and used with one leg at a time for legs workout. Can be done before or after you are bike workout or at a completely separate time or you could rotate days for different types of workout. Options become quite intriguing. The leg bands offer three levels of resistance.

Comfortable seat with backrest both are padded for comfort and with full back rest are able to place full body weight back for a very comfortable workout in full recumbent mode or semi-recumbent mode. Full recumbent gives the spine and legs a more natural state so those with therapy for back or leg issues or recovery from some type of back or leg surgery the opportunity for a full workout with no or little stress. Seat is a saddle style seat which allows for better circulation during workout for lower extremities.

3 in 1 frame is easy to adjust from full recumbent to semi-recumbent or full upright. This adjustment must be made prior to mounting the bike so if you want two or three different styles of workout you’ll have to dismount in order to reset the frame. Frame is built so well it even supports up to 300lb capacity.

Curved crank and pedals are a built driven system and allows for a very smooth and comfortable ride. This is especially important when doing a high intensity cardio workout than it will stop you from knocking the bike as you increase the velocity of you are pedaling.

Pedals are designed with built in anti-slip knobby style foot rest to keep you are foot in place and help you maintain balance during your scheduled workout. The foot strap is made of a soft comfortable material and can be adjusted to secure a small foot or a larger one.

Comes with built in transportation wheels for ease of moving from storage to workout. The wheels are built into the front floor frame. The Pleny 3 in 1 Total Body Exercise Bike also folds up for storage so it can be tucked out of the way when not in use. For those with limited space this is a huge feature. Available in either pink or black at Amazon.


transportation-wheels 16-resistance-dialmonitor-built-in-handle-bars

Warranty and Specifications


One Year Frame and 180 days parts and wear


22: Length x 17: Wide x 52 : x Height dimensions are in folded state

Weight 49 lbs

Weight capacity 300 lbs


The Good and The Bad

The Good

Space Foot print

3 in 1 Design

Folding for Storage

Full Seat with Backrest

Pulse Rate Monitor available

Transportation Wheels

Sturdy Frame

Choice of color

Backlit Monitor

Fly Wheel Resistance

Arm and Leg Bands Included

The Bad

No water bottle holder

No tablet or smart phone shelf

Only Battery Operated Monitor

Resistance options limited.


Who is the Pleny 3 in 1 Total Body Exercise Bike For?

Anyone wants a compact inexpensive exercise bike that can serve as a full recumbent design, semi-recumbent design or full upright bike. Pictures show vibrant pink color, but don’t worry men it comes also in black. So fear not you won’t have to hide it somewhere when you are buddies come over for card night. If space is a problem for you this can be very convenient than it has a small foot print when set up to use and even smaller than it actually folds up for easy space limited storage, the resistance levels are not as many as much more expensive bikes yet it is enough to give you a great resistance workout or cardio workout. Home or apartment dwellers will love this from a storage stand point but will be also pleasantly surprised at the construction quality. It can take up to 300 lb capacity. There are recumbent bikes on the market that have a capacity of under 300 lbs for a lot more money and only give you one type of design.

Another plus is with the design features no matter if you use as upright, semi-recumbent or straight recumbent bike it allows for ease of mounting with the arch frame for step through mounting. One of the complaints about upright bikes is the seat and this model has the much more comfortable saddle design seat even when set as a traditional style upright bike. The seat dimensions are 10: x 12: so you are lower extremities won’t experience the “fall asleep” feeling while exercising as the blood circulation is much better.saddle-style-seat-with-backrest

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Customer Comments

Reviewed customer comments from three retailers customer comments and have paraphrased here for you are convenience.

Retailer One: First customer…..”love this bike…I don’t disturb my neighbor downstairs it’s so quiet…”.

Retailer Two: First customer…..: I’m so happy with this exercise bike. It took me an hour to assemble and I’m a 75-year old single lady. Each morning I easily dislodge one of the batteries to re-set the monitor to zero from yesterdays workout….”. Second customer….” Great value and easy to assembly! I love my new bike. It is very compact. I leave it open….” Third customer…….” This is a fabulous recumbent bike. It is a life saver for me. I have a heart and breathing problems and I am partially handicapped…. I highly recommend this bike … it is a real life extender,”Fourth customer…..” This bike is nice, I was concerned when I first built it but I’ve used it several times without any issues….:

Retailer Three: First customer….: No customer comments available.


For the price and the fact that you are actually getting three different types of exercise bike in one, even though there are some missing features that would enhance this piece of exercise equipment…like bottle holder and tablet shelf…. I highly recommend the Pleny 3 in 1 Total Body Exercise Bike a rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5.

What are you are Thoughts?

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