In this Omron Series 5 Blood Pressure Monitor- review. Will be covering the features both the good and the bad. A brief history of Omron. Why the Omron 5 series blood pressure monitor makes a good choice for your choice. Finally, we will make our recommendation based on the research.

Brief History of Omronomron-series5-7200



Name: Omron

Traded: Public on the TYO

Founder: Kazuma Tateisi omron-ceo

Founded: 1933

Headquartered: Kyoto, Japan

Key People: CEO.. President…Yoshihito Yamada

Industry: Electrical Equipment… Electronics….Healthcare

Products: Auto Electronics… Medical Devices

Omron employs over 35,000 people operating a truly global company conducting business in 120 countries. Omron’s mission is “To improve lives and to contribute to a better society.”

Omron Series 5 Blood Pressure Monitor Features

> Advanced Averaging

> Two-User Mode Storage 120 Readings

> Hypertension Indicator

> Irregular Heart beat symbol

> Wide Range D-Ring Cuff

> Advanced Accuracy Technology

In the next section we will take an in depth look at these features.

One of the things most users miss is the instructions on how to take your reading. It is imperative that your feet be flat on the floor. Arm at rest on a table with your palm up. Must make sure that the cuff is even or slightly above the Heart in order to achieve an accurate reading.

Omron 5 Blood Monitor In Depth Featuresfull-picture-omron-series5-monitor


> Advanced Averaging the monitor automatically displays the average of up to the last three readings taken within the last ten minutes. This gives you a much more accurate reading. Has a One-touch start.

> Two-User Mode Storage 120 Readings. Omron Series 5 will accommodate two users on the same unit. It stores a total of 120 readings each user gets to store 60 readings on this one device.

> Hypertension Indicator displays a “High” Symbol if your systolic measurement reaches 130 mmHg or above, This is what we know as our high upper number. It also will display this same “High” Symbol if your diastolic measurement is 80 mmHg or higher. This is the lower or bottom number in our Blood Pressure Measurement. To Learn more on the Systolic and Diastolic read the following article. Systolic Blood Pressure vs. Diastolic blood Pressure -how important .

> Irregular Heart beat symbol will flash and alerts you to the number of irregular heartbeats which occurred while taking your reading up to three.

> Wide Range D-Ring Cuff is designed for a more comfortable measurement; it fits an arm 9″ up to 17″ in circumference.

> Advanced Accuracy Technology is an Omron feature that measures five time more data points for consistent, precise blood pressure readings less affected by movement or your breathing during the measurement.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

> Two-User Mode 120 Readings

> Hypertension Indicator

> Wide Range D-Ring Cuff

The Bad

> some customer weren’t happy with the difference in readings

> this model is being replace by the 7249 in place of 7200.

blood-pressure-doctors-office At The Doctors office the monitor is placed on the wall with monitor above the heart for a reason. It is done in such a fashion to ensure that the monitor is above or even with the patient when the Doctor or Nurse is taking their readings.

Warranty and Specifications

Three years warranty from date of purchase. One year on optional parts including cuff or cuff tubing.

Specifications….6″ Long x 4.2″ Wide x 3.4″ High. Weight 1.31 lb.

Requires four AA batteries. Comes with a quick start guide and instruction manual.

Customer Comments

Reviewed comments from three different retailers and paraphrased their comments.

Retailer One: First customer…..”received this today and was able to use in about five minutes. Both me and my husband are able to track our readings,” Second customer….. was told different from what it did…I don’t recommend this item.” Third customer….” Great for everyday monitoring…. Am happy with this purchase……easily ordered……this machine will keep my hypertension and heart checked all the time.”

Retailer Two: First customer…..”as a retired cardiologist I was pleased with the ease and accuracy of the readings. Definitely recommend for home use,” Second customer….” Great item…the item is easy to use and looks and works great.

Retailer Three: First customer….” Must check the accuracy !!! Mine was inaccurate…” Second customer…..” I suspected I was getting high readings after using for a month and took it to my Doctors office to check. Side by side the unit was reading 10+ points higher…..”


Omron has been in this business for over forty years and is the #1 Doctor and Pharmacist brand of blood pressure monitors. This is one of the least expensive of the Omron blood pressure monitors. In reviewing the customer comments there were three or four that were not happy because they felt the readings were inaccurate. It may have been more to not using the monitor correctly with their arm positioning.while taking the measurements. With that it is only fair in my ratings to give this particular model 7200 a rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5.0. 71% of the Amazon customers gave this a five star rating and only 10% gave it a one star.

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