This product review will cover the Nautilus r618 Recumbent Bike features the good nautilus-r618 and the bad, a brief history of Nautilus. The exercise mobility advantages with the Nautilus r618. A look at who the bike would be for.and cover the warranty and specifications. We will make our recommendations. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from Qualifying purchases.”

History of Nautilus

Founded: 1986

Type: Publicly Held

Industry: Exercise Equipment

CEO: James “Jim” Barr IV

CFO: Sidharth {Sid} Nayer


Traded: NYSE

Headquartered: Washington, USA

Sub-Industry: Sporting Goods

Nautilus,Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets health and fitness products. Nautilus offers strength and cardio fitness products and related accessories. They sell their products worldwide. The company has a number of distributors and retailers along with its own sales force. Nautilus sells its products through direct marketing.

Nautilus r618 Features

> 30 lb Fly wheel System

> Multi Position Handle Bars

> Bluetooth Connectivity

> Adjustable Sight Line Console

> 29 Customizable Work Out Programs

> Sync with Ride Social App

> 3 PC Chrome crank system weighted pedals

> Dynamite Recline Nautilus Gel Seat

> Maximum Weight 350 lbs

> Heart Rate Strap

In the next section will be an in depth look at the recumbent bike Nautilus r618,

Nautilus r618 In Depth Features

> 30 lb Fly wheel system features a motor-assisted magnetic resistance it has an eddy current brake and a small servo motor. It has a high speed, high inertia drive system and the heavy weighted flywheel allows for a smooth, consistent workout. There are 25 resistance levels which is substantially higher than a lot of recumbent bikes with a lighter fly wheel.

> Multi Position Handle Bars are urethane-coated with integrated incline and resistant controls, making it easy to adjust seating and resistance of the workout.



> Bluetooth Connectivity is not generally available in less expensive models. Bluetooth allows user to sync the bike ‘s console to smart phone, tablet or laptop which then allows you to access the Nautilus Trainer 2 online app. This in turn via the Bluetooth connection can directly transfer workout data to NautausConnect or MyFitnessPal accounts.

> Adjustable Sight Line Console is tilting with blue backlit DualTrack screens, Adjustable angles allows the rider to tilt the console so he or she gets the best visibility to the workout metrics even when the media tray is in use. The screen is split into two screens the top screen is the larger of the two and it displays heart rate, what the resistance level is, the workout profiles and selected goals showing the name of program selected and the progress that is being achieved, The lower screen displays the metrics of distance, speed, calories burned, RPM, resistance level and heart rate. There are four user profiles available compared to other consoles that only provide two. It has a total of 12 preset programs built in all named.

> 29 Customizable Work Out Programs which includes 12 preset programs for heart rate training, interval training, and weight loss customized training options as desired. The 25 resistance levels discussed in the fly wheel system gives the client to pick and choose many more workout options from beginner to professional athlete level if wanted.

> Sync with Ride Social App then enjoy the rides through multiple real world locations alongside people from all over the world in real time.

> 3 PC Chrome crank system weighted pedals this makes for an ease of your foot placement and smoother pedaling.

> Dynamite Recline Nautilus Gel Seat provides a saddle style seat so the gluts ride in comfort. There is an infinite adjustment for the back support. The backrest is made of heavy-duty PVC material and features a vented design in order to keep the back from overheating during the workout. The seats’ backrest is angle- adjustable controlled by the lever just under the seat.

> Maximum Weight 325 lbs is suggested maximum weight of the rider by the manufacturer. Like some other recumbent bikes reviewed there has been customer weighing more than the recommended weight limits and the bikes have held up under the additional weight. The r618’s frame is steel and is a heavier gauge than the r616 and customer reviews there had customers over 350 lbs. using it.

> Heart Rate Strap is wireless and included in addition to the hand grip heart and pulse rate built in the handle bars.


The Good and The Bad

The Good

> 30 lb Fly wheel system

> 29 Customizable work out programs r618-seat-assembly

> Sync with Ride Social App

> Dynamite Recline Nautilus Gel Seat

> AC Adapter

> Blue tooth Connectivity

The Bad

> 325 lb Capacity

> Seat back adjusts but doesn’t actually recline

Warranty and Specification

Frame: 10 years

Manufatored Parts: 3 years

Electronics: 3 years

Labor: 1 year

Size Specification: 48.8″ High x 62.3″ Long x 26.4″ Wide

Comes With AC power

Heart rate strap uses a ICR2032 Battery

Weight : 107 lbs

Customer Comments about The Nautilus r618 Recumbent Bike

Reviewed customer comments from three different retailers and will paraphrase their comments at least two or more from each retailer to give actual likes and dislikes.

Retailer One: First customer……”update update… I’ve been using this machine for 30 to 60 minutes daily for 18 months. It is a good bike, if your a person who tends to push it pretty hard…” Second customer….” Very nice bike and well worth the money…is well-made,,,” Third customer…”cheap seat mars the entire bike…”

Retailer Two: First customer….” Works great pedal away…” Second customer…”disappointed we use the bike every day. The pedals started making a cranky noise ….” Third customer….”very good quality, value and excellent features…”

Retailer Three: First customer….” Wife had knee replacement resulting in stress on back. Her P.T. advised against walking…the r618 was our choice after many reviews….” Second customer…..”back in March 2018 developed Achilles tendinitis….couldn’t be happier….”



Who is the Nautilus r618 Recumbent Bike For?

With the many resistance levels that are available and seat adjust ability anyone wants a comfortable means of working out from the beginner level to the pro level. Men women and even children could use Nautilus r618 for their training. Should these features be more than you need check out my review Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Review- is it right for you. This may be a better fit.

Why r618 Recumbent Bike for Mobility?

This bike is one of the closest things to a commercial exercise bike. Built very well and people with mobility issues due to their weight or health or recovering from leg or back surgery or injury are unable to handle the stress of a normal exercise bike. I personally had health issues that wasn’t able to do normal exercise like running, walking, or just about any other type of equipment. In the past years of using my recumbent bike I’ve gone from weighing at my peak 369 lbs to maintaining my weight today at 200 to 208 lbs, RECUMBENT BIKE VS STATIONARY BIKE. That article will show the benefits of each and why if you have mobility issues the recumbent bike is the best choice.


With the many amenities of the Nautilus r618 recumbent bike and the closeness of a commercial grade piece of equipment. The Brand name in the Fitness industry is highly thought of, PT’S and physical therapists have recommended this bike. If you are planning on using for long term I would highly recommend it. I’m going to rate it 4.9 out of a possible 5.0 as I was really impressed with all the customer comments and quality of the bike.

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