Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike who is it designed for? What are its features? In depth look at the features of the R614. The good and the bad. A brief history of Nautilus. Who is Nautilus? Customer comments on the R614 recumbent bike. What is the warranty and specifications. Recommendations will all be covered.

Who is Nautilus nautilus-logo

Nautilus is widely considered the founder of the modern commercial gym. Many people call it the gold standard of fitness. The company has revolutionized fitness by incorporating its Nautilus cam design across a wide circuit of training equipment. Nautilus today serves customers through retail providing cardio and strength equipment for the home. Their Brands include Bowflex, Modern Movement, Nautilus, Shwinn, Octane Fitness and Universal.

Brief History of Nautilus

Type: Public

Traded: NYSE

Founded: 1986

Headquaertered: Vancouver, Washington

Key People: James “Jim” Barr IV …CEO… William B McMahon…COO…Sidharth [Sid] Nayer..CFO

Products: Fitness Equipment

Nautilus products are sold worldwide through a combination of ways including infomercials, television commercials, retail outlets and the internet.

Features of Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

Vented seat back

22 Built in Programs

DualTrack LCD Displays

20 Levels of Resistance

In Console Speakers withMP3 Input Port

USB Media Charger built in Fan

High Speed Inertia Drive

AC Adapter

Transportation Wheels

nautilus-r614-bike Nautilus R614 Bike

In the next section will cover an in depth look at the features.

In Depth Look at Features of the R614

Vented seat back is great for allowing airflow and less heated workout. Made of heavy-duty PVC both the saddle seat and backrest are made of this material and both are vented.

22 built in programs are part of the console. There are 9 profile,8 heart rate control, 2 custom, 2 fitness and 1 quick start.

DualTrack LCD Displays. Upper Display data shows program display shows information to the user and the grid display shows the course profile for the program. Each column in the profile shows one workout segment. The higher column shows the resistance level. The flashing column shows your current level. User display shows which profile is currently selected. Intensity bar shows the level of work being generated for the resistance selected at the moment. The heart rate bar shows which zone the current heart rate value falls into for current user. The goal display shows the current selected type of goal like distance or time or calories, the current value to reach your goal. It shows as a percentage of the goal for that metric. The Lower Display shows the workout values and can be customized for each user profile. Metrics shown are speed, the time, the distance, the level, RPM, Heart rate pulse, calories burned.r614-console

20 resistance levels gives you a wide range of workout levels from beginner to pro workouts when full resistance is set.

Console has built in speakers with an MP3 input port.

There is a USB charging port and when a USB Device is attached the Port will attempt to charge the device. The power may not strong enough to play and charge at the same time. So I am trying to charge it is best to keep device off until charge is complete. The console also has a built in fan to help air flow circulation to give you comfort during workout.

The R614 has a high speed inertia drive system which consists of a perimeter weighted flywheel ease of start up and a consistent smooth ride.

Equipment includes an AC Adapter

Transportation wheels are built in to front frame for mobility to move the bike from one location to another. To move remover614-transportation-picture the power cord. There is a transport handle built into the back support frame. Lift handle to get machine onto the built in rollers then guide using the back of the seat to steer. Once in the place and position you want lower carefully into place.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

22 preset programs

DualTrack LCD Dispaly

20 resistance levels

300 lb Capacity

The Bad

Seat assembly

Seat not padded

Warranty and Specifications

Frame 10 year warranty

Mechanical Parts 3 year warranty

Electronics 1 year warranty

Labor 90 days

Specifications are as follows:

65.3″ Length x 28.3″ Wide x 49.6″ Height

Weight 84.2 lb.

300 lbs. Capacity


Customer Comments

Researched three retailers with customer comments and have paraphrased to give a feel for what owners of the Nautilus R614 recumbent bike felt.

Retailer One:… First customer……”purchased this bike on sale. Installation was easy and all the parts fit together fine. Basic operation was pretty intuitive. The bike is stable and the pedaling is fairly smooth, although not as much as a commercial bike. The seat is very uncomfortable, particularly the back, I will be looking for a cushion to fix this problem. Overall, this is a good bike….” Second customer….”nice bike. This is a nice piece of equipment. It has a wide range of adjustments for the seat which is nice since I am 6′ 3″ and wife is 5′ 6″, It is quiet and the seat is comfortable and the resistance adjustments are easy with preset buttons. The only problem is that I thought it was battery operated like my treadmill but it has a power cord….” Third customer…. “I will recommend to my friends. I just assembled it today, looks nice and simple, works good and I am happy with it.”

Retailer Two: First customer…..” Very nice bike and well worth the money/ I will give my own impressions of our Nautilus R614 and….Generally, it seems to be well-made and solid, but like any machine, it has little quirks which affect each user differently. So here’s my own subjective review of how I see this machine’s strengths and quirks…..” Second customer….” Overall great value, but one design flaw…The seat screws came loose after a period of two months… took apart and replaced screw bolts and it tightened … for a time. The problem is hat the screws just go into the molded plastic not separate and thus comes loose after time fix for that….” Third customer…. Cheap seat mars the entire bike….”

Retailer Three: First customer…” A good bike for the price…..”

Who is R614 Recumbent Bike For?

First timers to the professional can very easily use this piece of exercise equipment. Individuals in recovery or with mobility issues can use this as it is designed to be less stressful for back and lower limbs. Because the spine being in a more natural state the compression is much less than an upright stationary style exercise bike. The backrest is not adjustable with this model recumbent bike but the design still gives the back a comfortable position during the workout. The leg extension during workout are extended outward not straight up so knees and ankles don’t have the forced weight of the rider directly being pressed upon them.

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Nautilus R614 is designed and well-built. Features are good ones. Though not of commercial grade the R614 is not priced like a commercial bike either. Almost one third less or more than it would be. The seat assembly with it coming loose after a lot of use seems to be a small problem The beauty of the 20 resistance levels is that a beginner or a professional can use this bike for their at home workouts. I rate this bike 4.4 out of a possible 5.

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