Today I’ m going to do a Macy Recumbent Exercise Bike Resistance ME-709 Review based on the research and Manufactures information of this recumbent bike. I found it very interesting research as I’m a recumbent bike user for the past four years and I’ve come to love this particular style of exercise equipment no matter the model. The reason I say that is that of what the recumbent exercise style of bike has done for me.

Macy ME-709 Recumbent Bike Positivesmacy-recumbent-bike

The low price point to me is probably this Model of recumbent bikes most important feature. It can be found at Walmart today for $139.99 and Amazon for $154.99 and for this style of exercise equipment that is considerably lower than almost all models.

The size was also a major selling point as most people don’t have a large enough area in their home for a recumbent bike of other makes and models which are substantially bigger and take up a great deal of space. Especially if you reside in a small apartment or small home.

The construction consists of 14 gauge steel tubing which is strong. Because it has steel construction it still has a weight capacity of 300 lbs which is in line with makes of a much larger scale.

Some reviews I read showed that some customers who have used the Macy ME-709 were upwards of 400 lbs and felt the equipment held up even with the over capacity weight. The manufacturer states the weight limit at 300 lbs. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from Qualifying purchases.”

Some Additional Positive Features are as Follows

It is easy to mount as it has stepped through design and can be mounted from either side. Seat is an ergonomically designed saddle seat for ease of comfort and stability. Seat is made of high density foam. ME-709’S seat has contoured foam covered handles for additional comfort and also helps give the bike more stability. The seat has a seat back to allow for the rider to have good back support while riding.

Seat and seat handles allow for ease of motion and proper form to lessen stress on the back and knees.

Resistance Levels and Console Readings

Resistance can be set to 8 different settings. These are achieved by tension knobs that control of the difficulty in order to simulate the type of terrain a user would be experiencing while riding. This way you as an owner can customize your workout to fit your specific needs.

Console has a functional LCD computer screen that actually acts as an odometer in order to indicate distance, speed and the number of calories burned during each workout.

Pedals are Counter Balancedpedal-straps

To allow the rider to have ultimate control the ME-709 comes with counter balanced foot pedals that are weighted.

Manufacture Stats

Macy model ME-709 states that the owner will benefit from a similar type exercise features that typically are offered with larger more expensive exercise bikes. This recumbent exercise bike was built with compact design that conveniently fits into smaller space. There is a 2-year limited warranty. Requires 3 AAA batteries for the console. Limited weight capacity is 300 lbs. Is budget friendly.

Down Sides

Resistance levels of much more and larger recumbent models offer a much higher resistance adjustment. So you are more limited to not having a higher impact workout other bikes provide.gear-dial

Console is only battery operated not plug in capable.

Some may consider the smaller design to be less effective.


I am giving it a rating of 4.1 only because it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive makes and models. Though I do have to admit you have great value for the price.

I hope this review was helpful.