In this article we will review the Exerpeutic 2500 Recumbent Bike. Article will cover features of Exerpeutic 2500, in depth look at those features. The good and the bad. Exerpeutic who are they?. Will cover specifications and warranty. Review customer comments from some different retailers to give you owners perspective. Who is the Exerpeutic 2500 for? Will add a few related articles and finalize a recommendation.

Who is Exerpeutic?

Exerpeutic is a Brand distributed by Paradigm Health and Wellness located in City of Industry, California, USA. Paradigm Health and Wellness was established in 2007.

Features of The Exerpeutic 2500 Recumbent Bike

Sliding Desktop

Bluetooth Connectivity

Fitness Meter

14 Resistance Levels

Adjustable Seat

Reclining Backrest

Two Molded Cup Holders

Angle-Adjustable and Height Adjustable Desk

Transport Wheels

Sturdy Construction

In the next section we will take an in depth look at these features


In Depth Look at Features

Sliding desktop is located where on most models would be handlebars and a display monitor. Desk replaces this and is made of a durable ABS material with two built in cup holders at the top of the desk. At the bottom of the desk is a soft foam arm rest for your comfort as you workout. It is strong enough to handle a weight load of 44 lbs. Desk has 4-way adjust ability.between 36.5″ to 41″. It is also adjustable in the angle you wish to have. There are 7 positions available so should easily meet your needs. How great is that?

Bluetooth connectivity is an excellent feature for you as you can now connect to Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness with free MyCloudFitness app available on iOS Android to track your workouts. Three workout goal settings via My Cloud Fitness app, time, distance and calories burned.

Fitness meter displays all the things you need even though as one customer put it ” a primitive….” There is an LCD computer that displays distance, calories burned, speed, odometer, time and scan capabilities.

14 levels of resistance are available. The bike is manufactured with a manual magnetic resistance system. Bike does not have to plugged into a power source in order to have control over the resistance. There is a tension knob that can be set to the resistance level you are looking for from 1 to 14 …beginner to professional…. The dial moves an internal magnetic brake father or closer to the flywheel thus increasing or decreasing the ability to pedal. This feature gives you that smooth and so quiet a ride. The crankshaft is equipped with steel crank arms and weighted pedals keeping the pedal in the proper position for easier workout and stability.

Seat is a saddle design that is padded for more comfort and doesn’t have the circulation to your lower extremities to create that “fall asleep” like traditional upright bikes are known to do. The seat is adjustable to move you closer to the pedals or further back depending on your size. Seat measures 17″ Wide x 13″ Deep .

Reclining Backrest is a very nice feature it has three separate positions for your best comfort, The handle bars attached to the seat assembly make it easy to keep your balance and increase your desired intensity of workout.

The desk has two cup holders at the top of the desk molded into the durable ABS material. Very easy to access your beverage during workout.

The desk is designed with you as an individual in mind as it is adjustable in seven different angles between 0″ to 30″ to fit what best works for you. TH e desk is also adjustable to a 36.5″ to 41″ range with its 4-way adjust ability.

Transportation has been taken into consideration as the Exerpeutic2500 has transport wheels built in to make it very easy to move the bike from storage to workout area and back again.

Study construction. Frame is made of durable steel tubing with the main chassis made in one piece. There are several parts of the bike that are constructed of a very strong ABS material.making it a very sturdy well-built piece of exercise equipment.

seat-assembly-2500-recumbent -bike

The Good and The Bad


Bluetooth Connectivity

Saddle Style Seat

Adjustable Desk

14 Resistance Levels


Meter not an LCD Display

No Handlebars or Handles on Desk


Warranty and Specifications

WARRANTY: Three Year Limited


Length 53.5″ x Width 25″ x Height 41″

250 lb Capacity


Desk has work space of 24″ Wide x 16 Deep.

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Who is the Exerpeutic Recumbent Bike For?

If you want to exercise while you study or do work at home on laptop or writing.the desktop is an ideal solution for you. The recumbent style and bike features are part of a well constructed piece of equipment and has all the other features of a normal recumbent bike. Good for the beginner to the professional as it offers 14 resistance levels. The design is ideal for anyone who has lower extremity or lower back conditions that need less stress during your workout the design of the Exerpeutic 2500 is a great bike for you. Or if you are in therapy or recovery or just aren’t able to do the normal exercises than this bike is great for you. I personally was one of these individuals…..my legs wouldn’t let me do normal exercise and my health and weight were in a really bad state. Recumbent bike has been a real God sends for my particular situation. It has allowed me to get the exercise and lose weight helping to make a dramatic improvement in my health.


Customer Comments

Research different retailers to get customer comments on the Exerpeutic 2500 recumbent bikes so you’ll have a firsthand look at what those who bought and use this bike think. I’ve paraphrased for your review.

Retailer One: first customer……” Quiet Quality…..very stable and sturdy….adjust ability of desk and other features seems easy. Giving five stars because it functions as described”….second customer….” Great value. I’ve had this product for almost a month now. It took about two hours to assemble…it has a very comfortable seat that has three positions for adjusting the back…. I am very happy with this purchase.”….third customer…….” Very comfortable exercise bike for busy bees…. I did a lot of research before I bought a desk bike and from the reviews, I knew this was the best one for me!….the bike is so quiet….it has a very comfy seat …even the middle setting is good enough for my bad back….”

Retailer Two: first customer….”easy to assemble. Very comfortable. Great workout.” ….second customer…..” This is quality product and excellently priced….. I found it to be very easy to assemble…works great and very comfortable.” third customer…” I like the magnetic resistance flywheel feature[it has 16 levels of difficulty] the display is kind of…..primitive looking, but it has everything I need including calories burned, distance covered, pedal rotations, and time elapsed…..it has some variable resistance hill training built in….”

Retailer Three: first customer…..very comfortable and quiet…”


Exerpeutic 2500 recumbent bikes in my opinion is worth the investment and will be very good for those unable to use treadmills or running or traditional upright bikes to exercise. And if you are industrious to work while you workout with the desktop design style of this bike it is a definite yes. I rate it a 4.5 out of a possible 5 as I personally like a display console in front of me to monitor my workout process.

What do You Think?