There is a ton of information and ideas for all kinds of exercise programs. My intent is to give you one that has worked for me personally. Many of the programs or suggested programs are in fact theory not actual results. I want to let you know up front that the exercise bike routines for success I used gave me results. They are still giving me the results I’m looking for.

PLAN OF ACTIONplanning-her-routine

Any program or idea has to have a plan.

  1. What do I want in this exercise plan?
  2. How much time is it going to take.?
  3. What do I need to do it?
  4. Will this program work for me?
  5. How long am I willing to do to obtain results?PRODUCE RESULTS


Theory is something that is very easy to talk to someone about for any given topic. The truth is that most people talking theory have never done what they are trying to get someone else to do. They may have read about someone who has done it. Someone thought that it would work. The truth is unless you are coming from a position of results its only as good as the paper it was written on.

Finding that the one thing I needed was to have a routine. Finding that if I worked out when it was convenient it was never. Finding out that if I worked out only when I wanted to I didn’t .

The solution was a routine. Having structure was what I needed. I had to use the same time of day as close as possible in order for me to see any results. Knowing this make your plan to start with something you can work into your schedule as a routine.


I am only going to reference here the exercise bike routine that worked for my success. The exercise bike I needed was a recumbent bike. It worked for me. so I’m going to recommend it for you. There are all kinds of recumbent bikes on the market. Many models. I used a Schwinn model 230.

When I first started the only time I could work into my schedule was late at night right before I went to bed, So, I set a time that I was going to go to bed and blocked out an hour before that to do nothing but workout and shower.

That worked for me for two years. It might be when you first get home from work, so you can wind down and get the exercise your looking for. Mom’s may find that right before the kids get home from school is best for them. Each individual has different obligations. My workout time has now changed. I like to read so my hour before bed is now blocked out for that. I now block out an hour just before lunch, being retired has its advantages.


This was my routine when I first started and I did it five days a week for two years. I set my resistance at ten and I stayed cycling until the display console showed Having structure was what I needed. Burned 300 to 350 calories. I never cycled less than burning a minimum of 300 calories. The recumbent exercise bike allowed me to cycle long enough to achieve that.

The reason I said up to 350 was because I am talking from actually doing not some theory. If I was still feeling OK I’d, a lot of the time cycle longer. I tried to not go much past 350 because I wanted to stick to my routine. Because I stayed with my routine I didn’t get discouraged and my routine became a habit.

Today I have my Resistance set at 16 and I still cycle until my console says I’ve burned the amount of calories I want to burn, Today that goal is 200 to 250. I am able now to do less than my goal is too now to maintain. I have found that I am able to do that by working out four days a week.


Earlier Having structure was what I needed. Said that you needed to set your plans. Each of us is going to have different goals so your plans need to be set up to achieve what you want. I wanted to lose weight. So my exercise plan was based on that. You may want a fifteen minute high impact workout. You would then set your plans to that. The exercise bike routines for success whereas stated for you they may be totally different. All I know is that in my physical shape when I started the recumbent bike was going to be the piece of equipment I needed to reach my goals. For some readers a regular upright bike may be a choice that meets their needs. I tried a regular exercise bike. I was never able to stick to my routine as the pain was to great or I wasn’t able to stay cycling long enough to achieve the calories being burned I needed.

Recumbent bike are made for just that reason. They were and are designed to be less stressful to the knees and back. My Schwinn 230 has been a true live safer for me. P.S. I don’t work for Schwinn in case you were wondering. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from Qualifying purchases.”

My intent was to discuss what worked for me and I have. My results are that I have been able to lose over 150 plus lbs. I hope this helps someone else be able to set their goals and achieve what they want out of an exercise program My exercise program happened to be using a recumbent bike. You never know it may be for you as well.

Life is a journey no matter what. ENJOY ……TIMfinish-line