This article will cover the Doufit Recumbent Bike for Seniors covering who is Doufit. Features of the Doufit Recumbent Bike, in depth look at those features, the good the bad, warranty and specifications, related articles, who is the Doufit recumbent bike for? Customer comments, recommendations.


Who is Doufit?

Doufit specializes in providing the best fitness equipment for home. They choose only after going through great lengths of quality testing.

Features of The Doufit Recumbet Bike

Smooth and Quiet Flywheel

Large Seat and Backrest

Phone Holder

Bottle Holder

Digital Monitor

8 Resistances Levels


Next section will cover an in depth look at the features of the Doufit Recumbent Bike.

In Depth Look at the Features

Flywheel is 8.8 lb….making the magnetic resistance a smooth and quiet ride. The weight is lighter than a lot of models out there so resistance will be medium to high.

Seat is padded as well as the backrest. Saddle style design and is 12″ length x 13″ width x 1.5″ thickness. Has adjustable to fit your size. The handle bars of the seat have built in heart rate pulse sensors. It is important to remember you must have both hands on sensors at same time in order to get a pulse reading. You let go with one hand you’ll lose the connection to monitor.

There is a holder for your phone. It is located at the monitor so you can watch your favorite talk show or movie on your smart phone while working out if you so choose.

Bottle holder is conveniently located just below the front edge of your seat. You will be able to reach very easily during your workout. Hydrating during your workout is a good practice to get into.

Digital monitor is battery operated. Take two AAA batteries which are included in package. Digital monitor and pulse sensors can track your workout metrics…..distance, speed, time, total mileage traveled, calories burned during workout and track you pulse rate with built in sensors in handlebars.

There are eight levels of resistance available from little resistance to high resistance. Resistance levels are easy to adjust with dial. From beginner to pro type workouts can be achieved at your desired level.


Product is available at Amazon Doufit Recumbent Bike….”As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

The Good and The Bad



Padded Seat and Backrest

8 Resistance Levels

Digital Monitor


Battery Operated

No Built in Programs

Warranty and Specifications


Not Available


50″ Length x 17.5 Width x 39″ Height

Weight 57 lbs

Weight capacity 242 lbs

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Customer Comments

Research three different retailers and reviewed customers comments on their purchase. I ‘ve paraphrased comments but wanted you to have information from owners of the Doufit Recumbent Bike.

Retailer One: First customer…..” This exercise is exactly as I had hoped! Sturdy and smooth ride. Easy to move with front wheels…..great price for the quality of the product….” Second customer….” This bike took about an hour to put together using the tools provided…. Actually using the bike has been enjoyable for my wife and I and we have found the resistance starts a little harder than we thought but I enjoy the challenge….” Third customer…..” This is a well-built, sturdy bike. The adjustable resistance is nice to accommodate everyone…..the seat is solid and quite comfortable for the duration of my workout.,,,now I want the pounds to drop off.” .. Fourth customer….”you can use different resistance level based on your comfort…..just assemble, install the batteries in the monitor and you are good to go….”

Retailer Two: First customer….” Small enough profile for living room…we were able to move out our arm chair and put this in there instead….it is great for getting workout in between chores or first thing in morning…” Second customer….” I bought this bike to use while watching television instead of my spin bike, which tends to make my back hurt…incredible quality for the price…. Third customer….”super happy with it…. I have a lot of medical issues so after discussing my exercise options with my doctor, found out that a recumbent bike was my best option. It dies come with batteries included… Third customer….”a smooth ride….this exercise bike is smooth and sturdy…… I like that it has a place for my water bottle and place to put phone, book or magazine….” Fourth customer…..”a fantastic way to workout from home, without going broke….”

Third Retailer: First customer……”great for beginning to exercise….this bike is great for me…” Second customer……”it is a great bike at a great price … I’ve been using it a lot so it has been a great investment for my health….”

Who is The Doufit Recumbent Bike For?

Because of its design the Doufit recumbent bike is ideal for seniors it has a very accessible step through to mount the bike for your workout. Some recumbent bikes even with the step through design are a little more difficult than the Doufit recumbent bike. It has only an 8.8 pound flywheel which allows the rider resistance and smooth ride yet not to the point of an over the top cardio workout. The resistance levels are up to eight. A beginner would really be able to enjoy this recumbent bike. It is not over complicated with a punch of programs and connectivity to internet to track all kinds of information so the beginner can just monitor his workout on the battery operated monitor and concentrate on that and his or her workout without worrying about whether all the other stuff is being captured.

Any person with lower back or leg issues this bike is ideal for as the design is such that there is little or no stress put on either the back or the legs. Anyone with health and or recovering from surgery will find they can get the exercise they need with the Doufit Recumbent bike. In the related articles section I’ve included a couple of other articles on recumbent bikes for seniors.



Recumbent bikes come in all styles and sizes….making each model unique in its own way. The Doufit Recumbent Bike for Seniors is a bike that I would recommend to anyone not just seniors even though this easy step through design recumbent bike does make it great for seniors as it is very easy to mount and dismount. As far as a rating,  I rate the bike a 4.6 out of a possible 5.0.

What do you Think?

Would love to see what you think or comments from any owners. Thanking you in advance.