Diamond Fitness 910SR Recumbent Bike review great bike for seniors will include a brief history. List of features the good and the bad. Who is the 910SR designed for? What customer comments tell us. Warranty and specifications. Then recommendations based on the research done.910sr-recumbent-bike See price at AMAZON

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History of Diamondback Fitness

Diamondback Fitness is a. Net Media Group, LLC company with over forty years experience in the cycling business. Diamondback manufactures fitness equipment designed with all that expertise. In 2007 the products have been built on strength and designed in the USA.

Diamondback Fitness has a select line of upright bikes’, elliptical s and recumbent bikes’ as well as indoor cycles. Built with quality for the in-home workout experience. Products are health, fitness and strength pieces designed and manufactured that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

All products are constantly being refined and tested including the packaging the product is shipped in to arrive at your residence in great shape.

Diamondback Fitness 910SR Features

On-board Speakers

Adjustable Console

Multi-speed Fan

32 Resistance Levels

Numeric Keypad

Adjustable Seat Back

Tablet Holder

32 Workout Levelsdimondback-910sr-bike

Braking System

Micro-pixel message

Quivkset One Touch Resistance Keys

Quickset One Touch Program Keys

Large Console Monitor

Next section will take an in depth look at the features of the 910SR recumbent bike.

In Depth Look at 910SR Features

On-board speakers are built in with available plug-in for your iPad,Iphone, iPod or any mp3 device you choose. Music or listening to your favorite podcast while working out makes the time spent riding seem less than it actually was.

Adjustable console is not found on most recumbent bikes’. This feature allows you tilt the console for your best viewing angle. You combine this feature with the adjustable handlebars you will be delighted with the clarity to view your workout metrics. No leaning forward to be able to read.

Multi speed fan is built into the console allowing you to get a fresh flow of air to keep the body heat away giving you that more comfortable feeling making the workout more enjoyable. It also gives you enough relief to keep you riding longer which is great for those longer cardio workouts. The console has both audio and USB ports.

32 resistance levels. Wow. That tells me that the flywheel is of quality weight making this a quality piece of equipment. The flywheel weighs 32 lbs. 910SR features a small internal servo motor and magnetic brake system. The resistance magnetic system can only be adjusted at the console so there has to be a constant power source. The recumbent bike comes with a power adapter for this very purpose. When the bikes’ resistance is lowered the brake mechanism moves away from the flywheel and when you increase the resistance the brake mechanism moves closer to the flywheel causing more resistance. This causes the pedals to meet a level of more or less resistance.

Numeric keypad allows you to quickly set and enter your workout data.

Adjustable backseat rest is a feature not available on most recumbent bike models. This means you get to place the


backrest at the angle you prefer for a true stress free back during your workout. A plus to this is with the adjustable handlebars and adjustable backrest the natural spinal alignment during your workout is closer to its natural state.

At the top of the console is a holder for your tablet and placed so it doesn’t have to block your view of your monitor display.

32 preset workouts are available and available to fit the type of workout you want. Combined with your resistance choice you now can set up from a beginner workout to a professional work out level.

Braking system is a friction less eddy brake system giving you a very smooth quiet ride. The crank set is a 3-piece durable 910sr-brale-systempart. Consists of heavy-duty steel arms with a chrome finish. The pedals are made of a durable ABS material and the pedals are weighted to give the footing its proper positioning. Straps for feet are adjustable to fit your foot based on the foot attire you choose to workout in. The weighted pedals also help to maintain the proper balance during your different intensity of your pedaling.

Micro-pixel scrolling message center guides you through the program set-up.

QuickSet, one touch resistance keys allow you to select or change your workout resistance easily.

QuickSet, one touch program keys give you instant access to your favorite workout program.

Large console monitor is really impressive with its modern look and 32 preset workouts built in. Console features an LCDlarge-console-monitor-910sr display with a blue backlit and large digits to give you great visual to track your metrics, Top four panels display the time, reistance, segment time, and watts. The middle section of the screen displays heart rate and program matrix. The bottom section scrolls between the distance, calories burned, rpm, and speed. The console doesn’t connect online.The heart rate is sent from the built in sensors in the handlebars. The 910SR does not come with a heart monitor strap. Diamond Fitness has them available to purchase separately.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

325 lb Capacity

32 Resistance Levels

32 Pre set Workouts

Heart Monitor

Adjustable handlebars and backseat

Adjustable console monitor

32 lb flywheel and motorized magnetic resistance system

Bottle Holder

Large LCD display console with blue backlit

Adjustable stabilizers on both bases

Large roller incorporated in the front base for ease of transporting from one location to another

The Bad

No online connectivity capability

No Heart Monitor Strap

Warranty and Specifications for Diamondback 910SR

Frame and brake system have a five-year warranty.

Three year warranty on electronics and parts

One year warranty on labor

Specifications are as follows:

67″ Long x 13″ Wide x 31″ Height


Customer Comments

Reviewed customer comments from three different retailers and have paraphrased their comments.

Retailer One: First Customer….”Design is even more impressive than pictured. Compared with other bikes’ in this price range it has all the features I wanted…” Second customer….” I owned a previous Diamondback recumbent bike that I purchased twenty years ago. That is why I looked at buying another one. This bike is much smoother and of course much more technologically superior. I like the new one very much. ” Third customer…” The bike is very quiet and provides a good workout….”

Retailer Two: First customer….”purchased this bike two months ago and we have been very,very pleased with it…” Second customer….” Great bike for the price….” Third customer…..” After I bought it, I had three strokes, two before I received it and one after. With the multiple modes and heart monitoring, I’ve been able to avoid over stressing my body….”

Retailer Three: no customer comments available.

Who is Diamondback Fitness 910SR For?

This bike has been designed to accommodate anyone that is serious about starting or maintaining an in-home workout regiment. With the 32 resistant modes and 32 preset workouts beginner to pro can use this to meet those needs. As a senior myself I found this Diamond Fitness 910SR Recumbent Bike to be ideal for seniors like myself. As a senior exercise and activity are of real importance in having and living a healthy lifestyle. My experience with the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike I know this exercise bike is even a little more impressive than the 230.

Most seniors cannot handle the stress that is involved in a lot of cardio workouts yet good cardio workouts are what we need. This designed 910SR has features that encompass great cardio workouts at different resistance levels allowing us seniors to design a workout that is right for us. Some of us have some back issues. Most of us have issues with our knee joints. Some of us like myself have or have had weight issues and health issues that go along with that. Seniors this bike I feel would be great for you.

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After the research and review of the Diamondback Fitness 910SR Recumbent Bike I without a doubt highly recommend this bike. It has all the features needed to meet the seniors I was targeting this bike for. And even if your are not a senior this recumbent bike I can highly recommend for you also,

Look Forward To Hearing What You Think????