With any exercise program it is nice to know how many calories are burned during the workout session. One of the keys is to have some understanding of what or better yet how burning calories is measured. Calories burned on a recumbent bike is displayed on the dashboard monitor. Making it easy for the user to track how many calories were burned during the workout.


When you increase the resistance and increase the speed of cycling while working out the calories burned is greater than a low impact cycle. I found doing my many workouts I could achieve the same amount of calories in either type of workout. Time spent was the only thing that changed to achieve the same result. It took more time during a low impact workout vs. a high impact workout to burn the calories I was targeting. Calories burned on recumbent bike can be whatever the person doing the workout wishes to obtain if they are willing to extend their workout time to achieve it. Remember a very critical aspect of any exercise program is that the results are dependent on the person performing the partial exercise. What has worked best for me has been when I vary my cycling from high impact to low impact during the same workout by increasing and decreasing the amount of force used to cycle.The Mayo Clinic considers cycling to be low impact unless you are cycling at 20 miles an hour or more.mayo-clinic


First. What is a calorie? It is a unit of heat energy. It is the energy needed to raise 1 gram of water by 1 degree C. Now the really tricking part …… this is the one most people have the most trouble with. That is that each person is different. There is a lot of people that say women looses 2000 calories a day during normal activity. That a man looses 2500 calories a day.

There is a formula that is used to actually determine a persons BMR or Basal metabolic rate. It is a very complex formula and probably the reason most people never take the time to find out what theirs is. There are so many varying factors, age, weight, height, are you sedentary or a little active. Do you walk fast or slow. There has been studies done that show a person who is by nature a fidgety person that they will burn an additional 350 calories in a day. For those really serious about losing weight you need to know what the calories of intake a day are from the food you eat and the amount of calories you burn in comparison. While sleeping, you burn between 40-55 calories an hour.

Here is the formula it is called The Harris Benedict Equation to estimate the BMR or basal metabolic rate is.

Men: BMR= 88.362 +[13.397x Weight in kg.] + [4.799 x Height in cm.] – [5.677 x Age in years] Women: BMR = 447.593 + [9.247 x Weight in kg.] + [3.098 x Height in cm. ] – [4.330 x Age in years]

Now you see why most people don’t use it to actually determine their own BMR.

You can best find out what you need to burn each day or week by consulting with the Dr. As everyone should try to do anyway. There are a lot of articles about this subject in the Medical world. The formula and some calorie information I researched in an article written by The Harvard Medical School.exercise-bikes


A person generally wants to do exercise for usually just two reasons. One is to lose weight and the other is to get an aerobic workout for their cardio vascular health. Getting a cardio workout with a recumbent bike is going to happen if you schedule the workout to be twenty minutes or more. The key to any weight loss program is how many calories you consume in a week versus how many calories did you burn.

A pound of fat = 3,500 calories. The Harvard School of Medicine recommends that you need to burn in excess of 500 to a 1000 calories a day to lose one to two pounds a week. You really need to know how many calories you burn. The real great thing about using a recumbent bike is that whether you are doing a low impact workout or a high impact workout you can track the calories burned and because of the comfort features of a recumbent bike the extra time needed in a low impact workout can achieve the amount of calories you want to burn. The number of calories the trying to burn in order to lose the weight you want to lose can be accomplished. Calories burned on a recumbent bike are something you can easily adjust should you find the number of pounds you lose each week doesn’t meet your goal. With other types of exercise equipment those adjustments can be very discouraging to the point you may give up or get inconsistent with the workout.


Having a display monitor that tracks the amount of calories you burn is definitely a major plus. If we had to try to calculate ourselves how many calories we burned with each workout that process might take longer than the actually workout. Put the mind at ease the monitor display will do it for you. All you have to provide is the willingness to do the workout long enough to see that number of calories you want to burn roll up on the display.workout-gym


Losing calories is not easy and I found there was no magic to doing so. I did however find that burning calories on my recumbent bike was the solution I personally needed for my weight and health issues. Right now, I personally set my goal to lose 250 calories each workout. My goal today is to maintain my weight with my current life style [that will be a whole separate article] . So you can adjust to the needs. I know from my journey that I love my recumbent bike for what it has helped me accomplished. Good Luck with the journey and I hope this helped you decide if a recumbent bike is for you.