Bowflex C6 Bike is not a recumbent bike, it is classified in the traditional upright stationary bike category. Review will look at who is Bowflex. A brief history. The features of the C6 bike, in depth look at those features, the good and the bad. What comments from customers tell us, and recommendation.

Who is Bowflex?   bowflex-tm

Bowflex is a Brand name for a series of fitness training equipment,marketed and sold by Nautilus, Inc.,Based in Vancouver ,Washington.

Bowflex sells its products through retail, direct and international channels. First Bowflex, the Bowflex 2000X,in 1986.

Nautilus, Inc.

Brief History of Bowflex

Since the beginning with the Bowflex 2000X in 1986 Bowflex now has products ranging from smart activity tracker to cardio machines, adjustable dumbbells and home gyms.

Bowflex grew out of an expired patent first conceived by an Ethiopian engineering student in the United States. Bowflex of America,Instead of conventional weights or pulley machines, the original Bowflex 2000X used a combination of polymer rods to create constant resistance …..constant tension. Bowflex of America changed its name to Bowflex, Inc, and became a public company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In 1999 the company changed its name to Direct Focus, Inc. and initiated an IPO on NASDAQ. With the great success of Bowflex, the company bought Nautilus Corporation, SchwinnFitness and StairMaster and is now Nautilus, Inc

In 2002 the company moved to the NYSE naming itself the Nautilus Group and is now Nautilus Inc.

Features of Bowflex C6 Bike

bowflex-c6- bike


Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect with Peloton App

Connect with Zwift App

Connect with the World App

Backlit LCD Metric Consolebowflex-c6 magnetic-resistance

Magnetic Resistance

100 Micro-Adjustable Resistance Levels

Dual Link Pedals with Toe Cages

Pair of 3 lb Dumbbells with Easy Reach Cradles

Bluetooth enabled Heart Rate Armband Monitor

Next section will give an in depth look at each of the Bowflex C6.

In Depth Look at the Features of C6 Bike

Bluetooth connectivity is provided allowing you to connect to apps available in the fitness industry. Including Peloton app, Zwift app, Explore the World app, Strava app, Sufferfest app, Rouvy app, FulGaz app, Tacx app, TrainerRoad app, Under Armour Record app, MyFitnessPal app, Google Fit app, and Apple Health app.bowflex-c6-dumbbell-holders

Connect with Peloton app which Peleton includes with their Peloton cycle and Charge around $39 a month, You can connect to the same app for less than $20 as a direct customer.

Connect with Zwift app which is a cycling training and competition app that puts you up against other riders.

Connect with Explore the World app is a Schwinn app that travels the globe. Automatically adjusts your speed as you move through the virtual courses and stunning trails from around the globe. Journal captures all the workouts you’ve accomplished across the globe and you can share your results.

Backlit LCD Metric Console is simple but provides all the vital metrics. The design of console provides shelf for your tablet and handles have premium grips for comfort and non-slip as you cycle. The tablet shelf has been placed above your monitor screen so your vision will not be compromised. It is also designed with two water bottle holders built in. There is a USB charging port. The console Has a Start/enter button…reset button…. Increase button…decrease button to increase or decrease the value. The console will beep when button is pushed. The program Data Display shows you RPM range… Time…. Calories… you put in the number of calories you want to burn push the start/enter button until the calorie field blinks then using the increase or decrease value button to put your calorie data in. Once you start cycling the number of CALORIES you want to burn the number decreases until it hits zero at which time the console will sound an alert. Speed, Distance, Level and Pulse. A Bluetooth Heart Rate Device Connected icon.

Magnetic Resistance makes use of magnetism of electricity to provide variable resistance. Magnets by themselves attract or repel each other. When electricity is passed through the magnets with electric current allows you to effectively make the magnets more or less attractive. This takes these dormant magnets and gives them power like you see in the junk yard which moves cars around. You need a flywheel and when bike is linked to the magnets and you move the dial adjustment you increase or lower the amount of electricity supplied to the magnets which is increased current means a stronger magnetic force created greater resistance in the flywheel.

100 Micro-adjustable resistance levels. Turn the knob and you can increase the current to increase the resistance levels which can be lowered or raised with the turn the conveniently placed knob without stopping the workout to adjust. With 100 differently levels of resistance you can set from beginner to pro and all the resistant levels in between.

Dual link pedals with toe caps for secure and safe ride. Pedals are made to accommodate shoe clips or shoe cleats as well as the straps and toe caps.

pedal-instruction-c6 transportation-wheels Transportation wheel built in front frame.


Pair of 3 lb dumbbells are included to give some extra arm and upper body workout while riding. The dumbbells have their own storage available just below the water bottle holders. Ease of getting the dumbbells out and put away when done using is conveniently located just in front of you.

Bluetooth enabled Heart Rate Armband is provided and when the armband is connected the Console will display the Bluetooth Connected icon. It should be worn on the upper portion of your forearm. Have the Heart Rate Sensor to the inside of your forearm, it should be tight enough to not slip or move around while cycling but not so tight as to restrict the blood circulation.

The seat is adjustable in up or down positioning and can also be adjusted front or back to fit the rider. Tablet is not included. There are additional charges for the different apps.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

Price compared to Peloton



Magnetic Resistance to 100 positions

Bluetooth Connectivity

Backlit LCD Metric Console

Workout apps that can be connected

The Bad

Not Recumbent Bike

Seat is performance not saddle style

Warranty and Specifications

10 year warranty on frame and parts

3 year warranty on mechanical and electrical

1 year on labor.

Specifications are as follows:

48.7″ Length x 21.2″ Wide x 51.8″ Height

330 lb user capacity

AC Adapter Included

Customer Comments

All comments are from Bowflex directly as C6 can only be purchased at Bowflex directly.

First Customer…..” Great bike, been looking for a Peloton and Echelon bikes for a while now. Did not Like the fact that the Peloton came with a monitor since I am an Apple guy, I have nice full size iPad that works great for this. When I read the reviews for the Bowflex C6, and already using a tread climber daily, I went for it. This thing is exactly like the Peloton. Silent, sturdy, responsive. We have a Peloton store in our mall, so I tested one there. Very glad I saved the money and went with the Bowflex c6. Like I said, I am an Apple guy, so I am ready for Explore the World app for iOS!!! Bring it on,”

Second Customer….” I love my C6 bike! I use it when the weather does not allow me to ride.”

Third Customer…. ” I will buy more from Bowflex. My wife had commented about being interested in the Peloton bike because she was interested in something that was low impact. Not wanting to spend that much money I did some research and decided on the Bowflex C6…….. I gave it to her early from Christmas. She has been extremely happy with it and she loves it. …. Thank you Bowflex. I have told my co-workers about this.

Fourth Customer….” Amazing bike. This bike is amazing! Got it for my wife for Christmas. She uses it 3 to 4 times a week. I use it 1 to 2 times. The build quality is surprisingly sturdy, the adjust ability is awesome, the device shows cadence, time, resistance and calories, which is great…we use it with our Peloton app. And the magnetic resistance is TOTALLY SILENT!!!”

Who is The Bowflex C6 For?

Anyone who is looking at spending a lot more money by purchasing a Peloton or Echelon bike needs to seriously look at this bike as all the customers who have purchased one was interested at first with either of the other two Brands and when they compared found the Bowflex C6 measured up and allowed them to save a lot of money.

Anyone looking for a less stressful impact while working out this may be just what they are looking for. With 100 settings available for the resistance you want and the magnetic resistance system used to operate the pedaling offers those who normally end up with a recumbent bike the opportunity to utilize a traditional stationary upright type exercise bike to fill their needs.


Bowflex C6 Perfect for outdoor cyclists that aren’t able to ride certain time do to weather or time restrictions to load bike and head out to bike trail.

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The Bowflex C6 Bike is without a doubt a great piece of exercise equipment. This bike is the closest thing to a recumbent bike for being built to be as stress free as possible. The quality is awesome. The features are comparable to bikes that are 30% to 50% more money. I highly recommend this bike. I rate it 4.9 out of possible 5.0. Every customer review I read had nothing but great things to say. You can buy this bike with no remorse.

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