Many Seniors have mobility issues that prevent them from being able to sustain a good work out plan and schedule. These mobility issues tend to create pain or discomfort which forces or gives them enough reason to give up on their plans for working out. As we get older our metabolism slows down and as a result we burn fewer calories and if we continue to eat the same calories we see a weight gain. I know from experience.Calorie Guide

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Recumbent bikes are by far the most easy on the joints exercise equipment. As we get older it’s important that we look for an exercise means that will be more forgiving for our joints. Because our legs are in a more extended state during exercise with the recumbent bike than an upright stationary bike there is less direct pressure on the knee joints. When, we run each step we take has an impact that affects the knee joints as well. Walking is not as bad but you still have the full of your body weight on your joints.

Anyone suffering from any type of back pain knows how uncomfortable it can be to even just sitting in an upright position. The beauty of the recumbent bike is it allows you to lean back if you so desire and take that more relaxed position and additional comfort for your back. Treadmills are so similar to running the discomfort you felt while running is here.                                                                                    running


We gain weight, that can be a real issue for anyone and Seniors are no different. The key to weight loss and gain is the amount of calories we take in and the amount we burn off. When, we are unable to get the necessary exercise to help burn calories, it’s very easy to put on pounds. The best recumbent bike for seniors with mobility issues is the one they actually buy and then use. With no more discomfort or less discomfort it is much easier to sustain a consistent workout that allows for the life style you wish to maintain. The only thing left is the discipline and desire to get the calorie loss you’re looking for. The best recumbent bikes for seniors are all equipped with electronic displays that show the amount of calories your workout is burning. They all also allow for a more resistant setting as you get more in shape to allow you to burn more calories. This lets you go at your own pace and like myself you’ll find a resistance setting and amount of time you want to ride in order to achieve the loss of calories you want.

THE BEST RECUMBENT BIKE FOR SENIORS                                                    fitness-room

> Nodictrack Commercial VR25

> Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent bike

>Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

> NautilusR616 Recumbent Bike 

> Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

The industry reviews lists these as the best for seniors and seem to be pretty consistent…. there are others that did get picked in some reviews. I have been personally using a Schwinn model for the past four years and I love my Schwinn model 230.


One of the greatest advantages for recumbent bikes for Seniors is the fact that you can stay consistent in your workout. there is is nothing worse than putting forth a good effort of having an exercise pattern and routine then because of lack of mobility or discomfort you become discouraged and give in to not wanting or not being able to continue. In my own journey to get my weight under control I experienced that quite often before I purchased and started utilizing my Schwinn 230. The many forms and avenues available seem endless when looking for a good exercise program.

There is running or using a treadmill. there is therapy that helps but only gets you to a recovery point. there is the gym you can join. there is the personal trainer you can hire. But at the end of the day if you experience pain or discomfort you very easily give up on your exercise plans. That’s the reason I believe the best thing for Seniors is a recumbent bike. to choosing the best recumbent bike for seniors is an important component of having a consistent exercise program you don’t end up quitting on.


One of the nice things about the recumbent bike is the fact that you get a good cardio workout as well as burning calories. Keeping your heart in good condition is also a big concern for Seniors. The recumbent bike s recommended in the reviews all have the ability to monitor your heart rate. to with the recumbent bike, because of the better comfort level, you can stay working long enough to get an optimum heart rate. Plus you can continue to stay working out longer at the increased heart rate. I have not regretted owning my recumbent bike and by the way I qualify as a Senior ,,, I’m 69 .exercise-equipment


The hardest part is going to be which recumbent bike do I choose. Getting it, then you get started. I’m not an expert, but I recommend you start easy and work yourself up to the level you want to be at. I don’t recommend doing it daily but I do encourage you to do at least three or four days a week. Once, you get used to doing it will become something you are so glad you did. I look back to those early days of my journey, I tipped the scales at over 350 lbs. Today I am blessed to be between 200 lbs. to 210 lbs. It is because of what special events and what my calorie intake is. One thing I can say is the best recumbent bike for seniors with mobility issues or no mobility issues is the one that gets used. Best of exercising and reaching your goals.