There is a lot of ways to exercise and some techniques or equipment offer different benefits to the individual. What this is going to cover is exclusive to the benefits of using a recumbent bike as a vehicle to workout with. This will try to cover enough reasons as to why one should or would decide to use a recumbent bike in their exercise pursuits.exercise- bikes


Most recumbent bikes are marketed as aerobic exercise equipment. That is true, the recumbent bike is difinitely a great aerobic exercise machine. Another great thing about recumbent bikes is that it works a great deal of muscle groups, especially the muscle groups in the lower body.

The heart is one of the muscles that is targeted.

  • Pectineus muscle which is the only muscle that flexes the hip.
  • Vastus medialis muscle helps to stabilize the knee.
  • Vastus lateralis muscle is a muscle on the side of the thigh that helps us rise from a squatting position.
  • Tibialius anterior muscle which is on the front of the shin-bone helps us flex our foot forward.
  • Semitendinosus muscle which is one of the ham string muscles at the back of the thigh.
  • Medial gastrocnemius muscle helps us stand on our toes and flex the leg at the knee.
  • Biceps femoris muscle is a two part muscle at the back of the thigh[part of the hamstrings]. This very complex muscle helps extension, internal and external rotation and knee flexing.
  • Gluteus maximus which is the largest muscle in the buttocks,this muscle performs movement of the hip and thigh.


A nice feature is that the recumbent bike is a very safe piece of exercise equipment. This style of exercise bike allows the individual ease of mounting and ease of dismounting in order to workout. The seat is much larger than a regular bike allowing the rider to have a much better sense of safe balance while exercising. The seat also has a backrest that makes it safer than not having any kind of back support.


The recumbent bike is designed to allow the rider a very comfortable reclined position during the exercise workout. Another benefit of using the recumbent bike is its ergonomic design. The intent of this design is to allow the customer to be reclined with a back support and more extended spine to give much more comfort. The body is in a more natural state with the recumbent bike so the back, especially the lower back, will not feel the strain. A recumbent bike is also designed with a seat that is much larger giving the buttocks a wider area to rest on not like that of a saddle shaped seat would provide. Your legs are much more extended with the recumbent bike giving you a lot less down-ward pressure and strain on the knees.



A key component in any exercise program is the amount of time you spend doing the exercise. The beauty of the recumbent bike is the comfort design which allows you to have an extended work out time that is much greater than other pieces of exercise equipment. With the body being in a more natural state you feel less strained and stressed so that enables you to maximize your intended goals. Whether those goals are to reach a certain number of miles, or amount of calories burned, or how long you wish to have an elevated heart rate. I personally find on my recumbent bike I’m able to workout thirty minutes or longer with little discomfort. When I was using a traditional upright bike I found it very difficult to go much past fifteen to twenty minutes. I have had workouts because I wasn’t in any discomfort or totally stressed have gone as long as one hour. Being able to have extended workout time allows you to vary the amount of time you want to exercise.


Another benefit of the recumbent bike is that it gives you a very effective workout. The workout you desire can be designed how you want it to be. Almost all the models on the market provide different levels of resistance that you can set up. The amount of time you work out can easily be designed to improve your cardiovascular workout or to burn more calories during your workout. The more time you spend and the more resistance you add the greater your results will be. You can have a low impact workout or a high impact workout. You get to choose.

You can burn fat. If you so desire, as long as your intake of calories doesn’t exceed your output during your workout. My whole goal when I’m doing my workout is that I burn between 200 and 250 calories each workout. During the time I was losing weight at a greater speed my goal was to burn 400 to 500 calories each workout. Again, you are in control because of the design of the recumbent bike with the comfort design yiu can extend your workout to fit your individual goals.

For those that are in rehabilitation for knees, back, or even heart or stroke recovery, the benefit of a recumbent bike is this comfort design and the ability to not put stress on the knee joints and to elevate the back discomfort. Your ability to adjust your speed of workout, length of workout or the resistance of the workout makes the recumbent bike the choice of many rehab therapists.

Another key advantage is that because you don’t have your weight coming down on any soft reproductive tissues you won’t have worry about a lack of blood flow or nerve numbness you may experience with other bike designs.


The seat of a recumbent bike with it’s many benefits is really a great choice of exercise equipment. The full back support, the less strain and stress on the knees, the natural ergonomic design, the ability to extend your workout time and many more. The recumbent bike has been my choice for more then my four years and countless miles of riding time. This piece of equipment has changed my life and I’m sold as a user. I have personal results that I never thought I would achieve. I’ve been blessed and surprised. So remember no matter the equipment it takes time and commitment to reach your goals. They are so worth it.

ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY…… wishing you the best ……TIM.